American Electric Power

SCADA Intern

Spring 2017

American Electric Power [AEP] is a utility company that provides electric power to 11 states throughout the US. I was a co-op in AEP Transmission, where I worked with the Protection and Controls Engineering. I split my time between two different teams, one that focused on substation networking and the other that focused on SCADA applications. Because of the sensitive nature of some of the substation information, I learned a great deal about regulations and compliance policies, as well as the importance of implementing them correctly. ‚Äč I also had the opportunity to improve my technical communication skills by talking to engineers from other engineering groups about the networking and SCADA needs of a project. My specific job responsibilities are highlighted below.

Substation Networking

- Assisted with detailed scoping for substation networking projects

- Performed quality review of schematic and wiring diagrams


- Created Remote Terminal Unit configurations for SCADA applications

- Issued configuration files to the field for implementation

Other Cool Stuff