Astronomy Club

Co-founder / President

Spring 2016

I teamed up with my friend and peer Karen Hildebrant to start an Astronomy Club at UC to help build our leadership skills. We worked together to conquer a mountain of paperwork and pre-planning, ultimately gaining status as an official school organization. We then launched the club, planning special events and holding regular meetings. During that process, I learned the importance of being prepared and thinking things through ahead of time. Strong leadership relies on being prepared. As a co-leader of the club, I was able to dramatically improve my collaboration and communication skills, which will allow me to better participate in team environments when I encounter them in the future. I was also able to develop my own leadership skills, although they still leave much room for continued improvement. I am much more confident speaking in front of groups of people and making decisions that have a broad impact. In the end, all of the work and preparation that went into starting the Astronomy Club paid off. Everyone who has joined the astronomy club has shown so much passion and dedication to the club, and I hope to continue growing my leadership skills so that the club can continue to thrive.

Below are some pictures that were taken at various Astronomy Club events. These pictures represent all of the planning and learning that I have done to help make this club a success, so I feel that it is appropriate to leave them here as a homage to all that I have learned from embarking on this adventure.

$__$__The official club logo, designed by Samantha Wells__$

$__$__One of our bi-weekly meetings, featuring guest speaker Dr. Margaret Hanson.__$

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