Engineering Diplomats


Fall 2016 - Summer 2018

The Engineering Diplomats is a group that I cofounded with three of my peers at the request of the CEAS administrators to raise awareness and help create a smooth transition next fall as students from our partner university in Chongqing, China (CQU) arrive in Cincinnati for the first time as a part of the Joint Co-op Institute (JCI). We are working to bridge the cultural differences between the two student groups to create a unified student body that thrives with intercultural friendships and collaboration.

We have hosted several cultural events within the engineering college, partnering up with other organizations such as the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, UC International, and the Chinese Student Scholar Association in preparation for the Fall. Our current plans include planning a big welcome bash to kick-off the students' arrival and setting up a peer mentorship program to connect individual CQU and UC students.

One of our major missions this year was a trip to China, where we gained a more in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture and had the opportunity to meet with students at CQU prior to their arrival. Check out my blog that documents the trip for a play-by-play of the action.

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