Newcastle University

Exchange Student

Fall 2018

With only two semesters left in my undergraduate experience, I found myself running out of time to be an exchange student. When I heard about Newcastle University, it was the perfect situation. I had an incredible time learning to navigate life as a student abroad. There were certainly aspects I did not expect, such as the severe distinction between the engineering and computer science departments. Students in the UK seemed much more specialized, and I found myself missing the cross-disciplinary training I had become accustomed to in Cincinnati. I also had to learn to adjust to the vastly different grading system: just one exam at the end of the semester that counts for the entire course grade. I had previously underestimated the efficiency of homeworks, projects, quizzes, and midterms to prevent last-minute exam preparation.

I have a new perspective on education, and a much deeper appreciation for the opportunities I have had at University of Cincinnati. Living and working abroad is much different than studying abroad, and I think both experiences are more than worthwhile. It was a solid way to usher in my senior year, and I can't wait to see what may come next!

Check out my blog for a complete recount of my trip.

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