Sandvik Hyperion

Manufacturing Systems Co-op

Fall 2015 / Summer 2016

I spent two semesters at Sandvik Hyperion, an industrial diamond manufacturer based in Worthington, OH. During that time, I acted as a database programmer and helped to develop the internal operations report software. As a part of my job, I taught myself SQL Server and VB.NET. Since I worked in a factory alongside process engineers, I also learned quite a bit about the manufacturing environment.

My primary work involved meeting with process/chemical engineers about their internal software needs, then designing or modifying a database and software module to meet the project requirements. I was responsible for setting up my own meetings with the engineers and creating documentation that detailed how the new software module was used. While there were no strict deadlines, I was tasked with balancing multiple projects and completing them in a timely manner. After completing several projects, I led a training session with the engineers to teach them how to use the new tool.

Each semester, I completed several projects, which are outlined below.

Fall 2015

- Developed database module to manage and automate process improvement tracking throughout the plant

- Converted existing database module to model product batch data by time intervals instead of batch number

- Designed method to import data from sister plant into local database

Summer 2016

- Created new database and software module for engineering process

- Improved data sorting capabilities on several software modules

- Updated manufacturing equipment cycle reports to include search function

- Created PanelMate UI screens for improved machine calibration process

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