Seoul National University

Study Abroad: Seoul

Summer 2015

My honors experience involved traveling to Seoul, South Korea, for approximately six weeks. While I was there, I took a Korean language class through Seoul National University. I stayed with a host family, and I spent all of my free time exploring the city either with my friends or on my own.

I chose to go to Korea so that I could learn more about Korean language and culture, and also so that I could get experience living abroad in a new culture. My adventure surpassed my expectations in every way. I learned so much about the culture and learning to adapt in a foreign land. I also had the most amazing experiences, whether it was vising a live fish market, hiking a mountain, or simply exploring the city.

Now that I have been abroad, I have learned how to travel on my own and how to survive when I do not speak the language. In Korea, I learned to appreciate the culture while still holding on to my own ideals. I am more culturally aware, and I see how the US impacts the rest of the world. I cannot wait to see where else in the world I will go.

I maintained a blog while I was in Korea. This blog best captures my experiences in Seoul, and it also includes many pictures to commemorate the trip. Maintaining this blog was paramount in allowing me to reflect on my travels, giving me a place to collect my thoughts on the culture, as well as update my family and friends on my travels.

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