Figure Skating Judge

Fall 2014

Figure skating has been a part of my life since a young age and is one of my deepest passions. Unknown the general public, below the surface of the glitz and glamour of the Olympics lies an entire vast network of judges, coaches, and athletes making up figure skating organizations across the globe. The face of figure skating in the United States is U.S. Figure skating. For this experience, I began the journey of becoming a figure skating judge. The path to becoming a judge was already laid out by U.S. Figure Skating, and the aspect that taught me the most was the practice judging. Those were the times when I learned the most about what it truly means to be a good judge and also where I was able to connect with other judges and skating clubs in the area. This experience exceeded my expectations because not only did it allow me to further my knowledge of skating but it also helped me create a network of contacts in the skating world. Because of this experience, I am even more excited about skating. While my experience might be done, my journey as a figure skating judge has just begun.

Ideally, I would have been able to upload actual judging forms that I have been filling out these past months, but posting that kind of information in public violates the Judges' Creed which I am honor bound to follow. Instead, here is the flyer that I created to distrubute to other young college-aged skaters to encourage them to explore judging as an option for their future in figure skating.

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